Service Level Agreement Government Of Canada

Financial agreements are the most critical aspect of establishing a win-win relationship. They are very difficult to obtain and changes may be needed to cope with changing conditions. It is very important that flexibility and adaptability are built into the service contract to ensure that the parties can adapt the financial agreement in order to maintain a strong relationship. This section describes the disaster recovery rules that will come into effect and specific time obligations for recovery after service interruption, including the clear definition of recovery priorities. This section describes the dispute resolution procedure and procedures to be applied to each service mentioned in the SLA. The process used to define a problem or incident should be identified. The escalation process should also be identified, as should all those responsible. Internal audit compared the services offered, as described in each of the Statements of Intent, and found that the services related to my support and GCHR coverage were provided by CHRC and shRS-PSPC. The table below presents a description of the services provided with regard to the support and reporting of My GCHR and the organisation that currently provides the service: this section generally describes the mandates or competences of the parties involved and the overall objective of the agreement. For example, “while Division A has the authority, capacity and expertise to provide XYZ Services and is authorized to invoice and re-evaluate revenues from the provision of XYZ Services” and “While Division B is a new entity that requires the XYZ Service”, “Therefore undertakes to provide the XYZ Service to Division A”. This Section establishes the administrative relationship between the Contracting Parties.

Recommendation 4 The audit recommends that the Assistant Commissioner contact the Director, Integrated Services Branch, Shared Services Integrated Sector, PSPC, to discuss the possibility of modifying My GCHR support services and to report to SHRS-PSPC and negotiate associated costs.